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How to create a Public Procurement

In the section How to create a Public Procurement you find the information of the ministry regarding the legislation, the jurisdiction, the methodologies and the statements, the electronic input of the public procurement and the centralized public procurement.
This page is used as directory of sections:

The Legislation and the Jurisdiction

In the section the Legislation you find the current and the whole summary of acts, the subordinate legislation, the acts of government and other documents to the Act no. 137/2006 Coll. on Procurement as amended by Act no. 139/2006 Coll. on Concessional Contracts and Concessional proceedings (the Concessional Act). The second part of section contains the European procurement directives including the amendment to the Act and the regulation of Commission.
In the section the Jurisdiction is available the link on the related judgments European Court of Justice, the related expert studies and the link on the jurisdiction of Office for the Protection of Competition.

The Methodologies and the Statements

The methodologies are focus on the interpretation of whole institutes and the procedure of the input of public procurement, especially from a practical point of view. The aim of methodology is bridged the gap between legislative text and the practical application of Act with links to related legislation, the jurisdiction of European Court of Justice and the practice of the Office for the Protection of Procurement.

The Electronic Inputs of Procurement

The section contains the definition of legislative framework for the electronic input of procurements which is a part of the Directives of European Parliament and the Council no. 2004/18/ES on the coordination of procedures of for the award of public works, the supplies and the services and no. 2004/17/ES on the coordination of procedures for the entitles operating in the water, the energy, transport and postal services.

The Centralized Input of Procurement

The section contains the information about the possibility of inputs of procurement by the centralized way or through the centralized supplier. In the Czech legislation the centralized of input of procurement is regulated in the Act no.137/2006 Coll. on Procurement in last amended regulations.