To enhance the implementation of Act no. 137/2006 on Public Contracts and Act no. 139/2006 on Concession Contracts and Concession Procedures and implementing regulations thereto, the Ministry for Regional Development pursues a number of training activities.

Holding seminars and lectures is one of such activities. Information concerning dates and focus of training events held by the Public Procurement and Public Private Partneship Department for contracting authorities/entities, economic operators and professional public, may be found in the section "Training"; particulars on registration to participate are available there, too.

Entry into e-learning for Act on Public Contracts and Concession Act is going to be placed here as well. E-learning is understood as a study program through which those interested may familiarise not only with both Acts, but also with procedures of a contracting authority/entity and economic operator in the award and acquisition of a public contract and those of contracting authority/entity and a concessionaire in concessions procedures. You will be entitled to verify at your discretion your knowledge gained by answering test questions. Simultaneously you will have a chance to try the interactive award of a public contract by means of demonstrators.

E-learning is going to be operable in the second half of August 2006 and as from the second half of October 2006 the users will have an opportunity to employ demonstrators as an efficient interactive teaching aid.

The list of lecturers for Act on Public Contracts and Concession Act who have been trained and selected by the Ministry for Regional Development and have been granted "Authorisation for the Pursuit of a Lecturer Activity", is a constituent element of information concerning training. The experts might be approached through e-mail address listed on this web site only for the purpose of lecturing. They are not in a position to answer inquiries concerning public contracts or concession contracts for private purposes of an inquirer.