Public Procurement and Concessions Portal

The Public Procurement and Public Private Partnership Department of the Ministry for Regional Development has designed a web portal where comprehensive and well-arranged information relating to public procurement can be found. To set up user convenient, friendly and communicative environment with easy orientation is our goal.

A portal visitor has got an opportunity to get a very easy orientation in national and European laws, regulations and administrative provisions related to public contracts and concessions.

Information system on public contracts (ISPC) is conceived in a comprehensive manner, under which access to publication subsystem of ISPC, list of approved economic operators and systems of certified economic operators, statistics of public contracts, register of concession contracts and access to classifications and code lists can be found.

Supply of information on electronic public procurement (eProcurement) at both national and European levels is an innovative feature. Delivery of information concerning training is an integral part of the portal as well. Free of charge access to e-learning with interactive elements will be facilitated to foster practical application of the new Act on Public Contracts and Concession Act. To exercise the option to exchange views in the framework of Info-Forum is yet another innovation. Neither the link to Public Private Partnership (PPP), within the frame of which concession contracts fall, has been omitted.

Access to brief news, links, contacts and other information of variable nature can be found on the upper bar. Entry into archives will be sited on the bar, where opinions and other documents that are not in force or topical any longer are to be stored.

Introductory information, which reveals to the visitor of portal what detailed information he/she can further expect is stored under each link in the menu.

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Formal guidance of the Ministry for Regional Development on the procedure of contracting authorities/entities in filling in point 1.5, or 1.3 in the form, which is Annex no. 1, 2 and 3, or 4 to the Decree of the Ministry for regional Development no. 240/2004 Coll. on information system of public procurement and on methods of evaluation of tenders pursuant their economic advantageousness.